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Inverness is an Award-Winning Bike Friendly City

In 2016, the League of American Bicyclists recognized the City of Inverness with a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) award, Joining 1,200 visionary businesses from across the country.

Inverness is committed to being a bike-friendly city, and is dedicated to the future of cycling in this small town done right

This is a great place to learn how to bike and it’s a great place for the serious cyclists looking for adventure. The local bike shops are a great place to learn more about cycling and renting or buying the perfect bike. They offer complete bike service and rentals.

Bike Inverness Maps

Withlacoochee Trail Explore Map
Withlacoochee Trail Printable Map

Local Bike Shops

Inverness Bicycle & Fitness
David’s World Cycle

Safety Programs

Resources for children's bike helmets and bike lights may be available via local law enforcement. Please contact them for availability at 352-726-1121.
Bike to Work Day
  1. Cycling shopping

    More shopping and cycling on the Withlacoochee

    But it is especially nice when I can buy locally, and Floral City is a go-to place, just a few miles down the Trail from Inverness. Read on...
  2. 31 H for Helmet

    H is for Helmet

    “On your left!” as they approach slower riders, walkers and especially those with dogs or small children. Read on...
  3. 30 Shopping

    Shopping and Cycling

    Why waste gas and harm the environment when there are so many positives to be gained by pedaling outside in the fresh air, getting a good cardio workout, they say. Read on...
  4. Squirrel nut


    Which way will a squirrel go? Across the pavement or into the brush? Read on...
  5. 28 Take a Ride

    Take a Ride

    family-friendly RTW Annual Ride Read on...
  6. dunnellon_fl

    Dunnellon Trail

    Just a quick spurt of fast pedaling over the nearby bridge and then right into Swampy’s parking lot is all it takes! Read on...
  7. 25 FOTA

    Inverness Festival of the Arts

    Longest running juried art show in Citrus County Read on...
  8. 24 Snowbirds


    Now I’m on the flip side and I am excited as the first snowbirds appear. It is just like school days when we were young – “What did you do this summer?” And with our current age ranges – “How’s your health?” Read on...
  9. 23 Cooter

    Cooter Festival

    This year, again, the event was held alongside the Withlacoochee State Trail. Despite stiff winds and chilly temperatures, I joined a small group of cyclists headed east on Norvell Bryant to the Trail and down to the Festival on the last day. Read on...
  10. 22 Sherry

    Broken Bolt

    Before I reached Chicken King in Hernando, however, there was sudden shift in my bike seat. Read on...
  11. Al and Lola

    Lola, A Balancing Act

    Lola the Chihuahua came into his life a few years ago and they’ve become quite the pair. Read on...
  12. Screenshot 2017-11-07 13.54.33

    Trail Staff

    We are so fortunate to have the Withlacoochee State Trail available for our use Read on...
  13. Cattledog Inverness

    Inverness' Gain

    A favorite place for caffeine and good food is Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters. Read on...
  14. 17 wildflowers


    Often times they ask me if I know the name of a specific bloom as we are walking or bicycling by a pretty site. I never have a clue. Read on...
  15. Mary on a Roll

    Disabled Veterans Cycling on Withlacoochee Trail

    Have you ever been fortunate enough to have a disabled veteran blow past you on the Trail, pedaling with hands or feet at RPMs faster than anything you can do? Read on...
  16. Hen House Inverness

    Living with Dementia

    Some of them bicycle; I know several. It’s so wonderful to see someone who has immense challenges still enjoying a physical activity she or he has performed for years! Read on...
  17. 100 Miles Mary on a Roll

    Annual Rides on the Withlacoochee State Trail

    Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee also has a trail guide for sale in area bike shops and online. The guide is a personal favorite of mine as it provides a historical perspective in addition to useful riding information. Read on...
  18. Upright Bike

    Finding the right bike for you

    When I first started riding on the Withlacoochee State Trail, I used a folding travel bike – a Bike Friday. It worked well as short-term visits, but soon my husband and I became full-blown snowbirds Read on...
  19. Love at First Bike

    Love at First Bike

    You may have seen their wedding on TV. She works at a Publix store and since that's where they met, they married there – just before Valentine’s Day. Read on...
  20. Making Friends

    Making Friends on the Withlacoochee State Trail

    Of course you already know to call out, “On your left!” when passing someone on the Trail. A follow-up “Good morning” or aother logical remark is always pleasant. In my case, if the other person is walking a dog, I might say, “Nice dog!” Read on...
  21. World Renowned Withlacoochee Trail

    World-Renowned Withlacoochee Trail

    From everywhere people come to bike on the Withlacoochee State Trail. Read on...
  22. 1 Mary 1-11-17 headshot

    Trash and Treasures on the Withlacoochee Trail

    They have found cell phones, wallets and a car key – and located the owners of these items. One high season they recycled cans and bottles not only tossed along the Trail but thrown into the Trail trash containers Read on...
  23. Mary on a Roll

    Why helmets are a must

    Just take a close look at this photo – the helmet is cracked in about 5-6 places. Fortunately the helmet took the brunt of a fall and not my friend’s head! Read on...
  24. Inverness Trailhead Caboose

    The cyclist's holy grail tools

    Just as with any other wheeled vehicle, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain her or his bicycle. Read on...
  25. Mary on a Roll

    Mutts of all shapes and sizes are delightful

    My last few posts have been about the Trail. I want to get back to what is on the Withlacoochee State Trail. Specifically, dogs! Read on...
  26. Mary on a Roll

    Why I always wear a helmet

    have had spills while cycling on the Trail that are unquestionably my fault, but also when I and a vehicle driver have miscommunicated. Read on...
  27. Mary on a Roll

    How do you start cycling the Withlacoochee State Trail?

    "So how do you get started? Well, just start." Read on...
  28. Mary on a Roll

    The Withlacoochee State Trail is known as "the friendliest trail"

    After some time, I returned to the Withlacoochee Trail to begin cycling again with friends. Read on...
  29. Do you have a favorite creature on the Withlacoochee Trail?

    I love gopher tortoises. I love the itty-bitty baby ones for which you have to look out carefully when cycling down the Trail. Read on...

Mary on a Roll 

Mary on a Roll Blog Image

This is a biking blog written by Citrus County resident Mary. 

Planning your ride

Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee, Inc.  (RTW) is a friends group under the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). RTW helps to develop, maintain, and promote the Withlacoochee State Trail. This is a great resource for cyclists. Download maps and locate GPS coordinates. 

Inverness Trailhead

To reach the Inverness trailhead, continue south on US 41 to Inverness and turn left on North Apopka Avenue. The marked trailhead is a few blocks up North Apopka. There is parking, restrooms and is across from beautiful Liberty Park.

Paved Trail

Withlacoochee State Trail
At 46 miles in length, the Withlacoochee State Trail is presently one of the the longest paved rail-trails in Florida. With a generally flat terrain and many access points, the trail is an ideal venue for all skill and fitness levels of cycling, running, walking and skating an unpaved equestrian trail parallels portions of the paved trail.

Off Road Biking


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