Food Competition

Calling Top Inverness Chefs

The Taste is an elite qualifier for the World Food Championships (WFC)—the largest food competition in the world! This event has one golden ticket up for grabs in2020 that will provide the invitation to WFC in Dallas  to the chef that scores the highest in the sandwich category at the Taste of Inverness

The Taste of Inverness
April 4, 2020
Judging will be blind and scheduled between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Liberty Park, 286 N. Apopka Ave.
Lakeside Gazebo

This year, chefs competing for the golden ticket may have a booth at the festival but are not required. This year the golden ticket competition will take place among Inverness restaurants.

This year, the Taste will have Execution, Appearance and Taste (EAT) trained judges with immense knowledge of food competitions, flavors and cooking in a fast-paced environment. The judging schedule will be provided to the judges and competitors at the event, and all judging will be blind.

The Taste of Inverness is a qualifier for the World Food Championship (WFC) held in Dallas this fall. There is one golden ticket at this event, and it will go to the highest score in the sandwich category. We will offer each chef the opportunity to compete in one additional local challenge: best seafood, best steak, best burger, best appetizer and best dessert (these categories do not count towards WFC). There must be three chefs competing in a category for a competition to go forth.

WFC Golden Ticket - Sandwich

Local Challenge Categories

  • best seafood
  • best steak
  • best burger
  • best appetizer
  • best dessert

You will not interact with judges and that is why it’s important to complete your entry sheet with a full description of your dish (maybe write it in advance, so you have one less thing to worry about at the event.

All chefs have been assigned a code name for scoring. The judges will not see the corresponding names at any point. We have staff that will collect your entry. We will provide presentation cards for each entry where you can describe your dish in detail for the judges. Please write or place a label of your restaurant info under the presentation plate for return. They want to know about how you made this dish, what ingredients stand out and any other information that helps them learn more about your entry.

Prepare for Presentation

Be on time. Be prepared to share information such as your restaurant name, why you chose this category, dish name and highlights about your dish. You will want to bring four small tasting plates over for judging. Additionally, you will present the judges with a plate or decorated platter for pictures. That platter will not be eaten and the chef may take that presentation item back with them. You and your dishes will be photographed by the judges, attendees, and hired photographers. Feel free to wear your chef coat or restaurant t-shirt. Look sharp and remember to smile. The city will provide flatware and water for the judges. The chef provides the food and serve ware. The chef may collect their serve ware once the judges have completed judging of their entry.

About the World Food Championships

The World Food Championships is the largest competition in Food Sport, where grand champions of previous events convene for a chance at winning the ultimate food crown and a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. 

The World Food Championships is also the springboard for many up and coming culinary stars and home cooks as they seek TV fame through many well-known food shows and acting opportunities. Since its debut in 2012, WFC has given birth to 30 TV food stars, awarded more than $1.5 million in prize money, garnered more than 5.7 billion media impressions, and connected 150+ food brands with food fans, food bloggers, and food media. In short, it has given birth to “Food Sport” by providing a level playing field, a fair judging system, a creative culinary fest, and a process that allows the culinary elite to show their chops and earn the respect they deserve.