Military Memorial

Inverness Military Memorial
212 W. Main Street
Inverness, FL 34450

Remarks on the sculpture by Scott Stearman

I wanted to create an image that reflects the soldier as if he has just returned from a patrol and came directly to the memorial to honor his friends. The soles of his boots are worn. He holds his gloves in a clinched fist of resolve. His weapons are an M4 Carbine and an M9 Beretta. The female is presented as a support troop. Average Americans become extraordinary when they take the oath, raise their weapon, and stare into the face of our enemies…so that we don’t have to.

On January 20, 2018 the City of Inverness unveiled a significant memorial in downtown Inverness. Mayor Bob Plaisted and City Councilmembers Hepfer, Hinkle, McBride, Bega and Ryan were there with city staff to unveil this sculpture.

The sculpture is of male and female soldier and features a piece of the fallen Saddam Hussein statue from Iraq brought back by U.S. military leaders. City leaders welcomed  local veterans and the public to hear from the Artist Scott Stearman. 

Media Coverage of the Unveiling

WXJB 99.9 provided a live remote of the event

Citrus County Chronicle:  Memorial to be unveiled Saturday

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January 20, 2018 Patriotism overflows at unveiling

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Event Poster

Poster - Memorial

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